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Why Choose ACE Intermed?

Why choose our Pasteuriser?

Before choosing ask your self why The Leading Hospitals in England have chosen our Pasteuriser

  1. Accurate filling control means our bottles are not submerged in heating or cooling. Bottles must not be submerged as per guidelines of the United Kingdom, submerging bottles will increase the risk of contamination.
  2. Continous process information provided on an LCD display.
  3. Hard Copy printout of batch and temperature information.
  4. Simple operator selection of 3 different bottle sizes.
  5. Lower energy consumption than other machines on the market.
  6. Automatic fault diagnosis for ease of maintenance.
  7. Easy clean tank, with an option of sterilising cycle (other machines do not provide this useful function) should the machine be out of use for long period.
  8. Hot fill facility reduces the overall cycle time to complete a batch.
  9. No refrigerants used.

The Ace HMP2070 is the right choice. Why submerge bottles and take the risk?

Ace HMP2070 Pasteuriser